Hillside soccer has saved the US Soccer standard practice plans on their public google drive. These sessions reflect what is taught when you attend one of the in-person US Soccer coach training (EG D License) in Salem. The trainings are expensive and inconvenient, but most of the benefit can be derived from making use of these standard sessions. The sessions reflect the play/practice/play model where activities training for a particular concept or skill become incrementally become more complex. If you find that you want to train kids on how to "build out of the back" or "finish in the final third", then look for those in the sessions. Understand that the size of the field and number of players are the key determinants of success in the activity. Make the field wider to give attackers more space, or narrower if you want the defenders to successfully tackle.

If you are looking for a fun game to add at the beginning/end of your session, there are many ideas: games for practices

If you need help setting up a session, you can refer to Greg Valentin's very organized notes that he kept as he coached Grades k-4. He structured his practices to cover the curriculum of soccer concepts that kids need to be ready for games at each grade. Plug and Play practices are in the LYS public google drive.

If you missed the LYS Coach training at the beginning of the season, please read this document: LYS Coach Training Sample Practice: 2021

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