LYS Coaching Soccer Verbiage

Coaches asked that we all used the same terms for common coaching ideas, so players can easily move from one team to another. Please make an effort to use this set of terms:

Basic Terms:


Man on - Defender closing down

Turn - Space up field

Settle - Time to control the ball

Time - Head up, and make a good decision

Carry - Dribble forward

Away – GK/Defender is asking for the pressure to leave (kick the ball away to space – NOT BOOT BALL)

Again - Repeat activity (pass, run, shot)

Back/Drop - Open player behind for a pass

Check – Find open space (a pocket) to receive the ball

Easy – Reminds player to stay composed on the ball

Space – Look around and move to the open field

Rondo – Connect passes and keep the ball

Feet – Keep the ball on the ground to feet

Through - Play a ball into space for the forward running on

Angle – Find room for your teammate to pass


Backside – Turn and find your mark and play defense

Close Down – Defender needs to try to steal the ball effectively

Mark up – Find the nearest defender and mark him

Jockey – Breakdown the defender – DO NOT STAB

Challenge – Try to make a attempt to steal the ball

Get Back – Get to your position

Easy – Delay the attacker

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