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 * Incorporate FreePlay into your practices

LYS Best Practice Habits

  • Set Expectations Early in practice
    • Practice is what we (coaches) make it. Practice is a trained environment, and if the kids are never trained to be respectful and listen, they never will
    • No talking while coaches are talking
    • If you cant be quiet, move away from your friend
    • EYE CONTACT = Listening
  • No Lines over 2/3 players
  • No Laps for warm up.
    • Soccer requires a dynamic warm up
  • Incorporate FreePlay into your practices

  • NO Profanity (if coach hears it, pull the player and sit them for a handful of minutes)
  • Have assistant coaches help
    • Lead water breaks
    • Set Field
    • Offer roles (Emotional Coach, Motivation Coach)
    • Give them parts to try and coach in practice
  • Keep all water bottles together and close to the field
  • Utilize time before and after the practice
    • Set field up if possible prior to session
      • If not possible, have kids juggle in a safe area
      • Start warm ups on side of field
      • Dribble around the track
  • Make sure water breaks are short and not too long (2 min max)
    • Speak to the kids during the water break
    • What will be done next, what’s expected
  • End practice on time
    • Parents and players appreciate this, as well as the loved ones at our home!

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